Dog Attack Response Products by Advanced K9 Solutions 

Our many years of experience of interaction with aggressive and dangerous dogs, and the training of various agencies, has led us to develop Dog Attack Response primarily for use in the kenneling of dogs environment. 
Have you been in a situation where the normal control of a dog has been lost? 
Have you been asked to assist in this situation but you aren't very confidant around aggressive dogs? 
Would you like a solution that control the situation without harming the dog? 
We have developed Dog Attack Response to specifically deal with these situations, protecting you and other other dogs while being able the suppress the aggressive dog without harming it. 
Dog Attack Response is available on 600ml and 50ml canisters and also can be mounted on our boards which will help managers comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. There is also a display mounted shield for additional protection. 
Advanced K9 Solutions 
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Dog Attack Response Scent Free GS01 - 600ml 
A non toxic gas which form a cold white cloud and hissing sound when discharged. Ideal of indoors or confined spaces and works by causing confusion and disorientation of the aggressive dog. 
Dog Attack Response NS01 (50ml) and NS02 (600ml) 
A clear liquid formula which overwhelms the senses of the aggressive dog. This product is designed for use outdoors due to the large scent pictures created. 
Our products are used across the globe by government agencies, businesses and the general public with your safety and animal welfare at the heart of everything that we do. 
We also provide training in the safe sedation of dogs. 
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